March 30, 2022

What is engagement and why increase it

By admin

Engagement (in English-language sources Engagement rate) is a set of reactions to your publications. What reactions? Internet reactions. Likes, comments, reposts tango premium videos.

There are several ways to calculate it: per day, per post, or per reach.

Here is an example of how engagement is calculated within a single post:

Post Engagement = Total Reactions*100%/Number of Followers

What can be determined by the level of involvement

The conditional “quality” of a group or profile: don’t envy competitors who have 30,000 followers on Instagram before you look at the number of likes and comments on the profile. Even a cursory glance will help determine to whom the subscribers came for love, and who has a “cemetery of dead souls.”

Remember, friends! A high level of engagement is much more important than a large number of subscribers.

What gives high engagement?

High Reach – If the social network algorithm sees that people like your post, it will automatically start showing it to more and more people.

A high level of trust in the group and the business as a whole – new visitors, seeing activity in the group, are more willing to join it, leave their likes more willingly and use your services more willingly.

An interesting psychological effect: if most of the audience in the theater applauds the artists at a certain moment, you automatically support them, even if you don’t find anything funny or impressive in this moment. Also on social media, you are more likely to “like” a post that has already been tagged by several of your friends.

Powerful feedback – you can easily understand what exactly your audience likes and, based on this knowledge, improve not only social networks, but also communication with customers and buyers.

And we are gradually approaching the first and main way to increase engagement – the creation of “fiery” content.