October 31, 2021

The ministry of digital will transfer officials and state employees to Russian messengers

By admin

The Ministry of Digital Development plans to forcibly transfer all civil servants and state employees to Russian messengers, mail and video-conferencing services (VCS). In 2022, this initiative will be expanded to school and university teachers who will be able to communicate with parents, schoolchildren and students only through Russian services.

The Ministry of Digital Development will prepare a regulatory framework for the transfer of employees of government agencies and budgetary organizations to the state platform “support of working communications: mail, instant messengers, video-conference services” by the end of 2021, Kommersant reported with reference to the action plan of the state program “Creation of additional conditions for development information technology industry “.

The ministry has already sent the document to the government. According to him, by February 2022, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education will provide recommendations according to which teachers of schools and universities will also have to communicate with parents, schoolchildren and students only using Russian IT services.

The office of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that these initiatives have already been approved b

y the government commission on digital development. The state platform assumes the development of services for the rapid exchange of data between departments, including during remote work. Among them are e-mail, instant messengers, audio and video c

onferencing, electronic document management, task management, assignments and projects, as well as a number of other digital services developed in Russia.

We are talking about already existing solutions, but their names were not disclosed. The Ministry of Education said that together with the Ministry of Digital Industry they are preparing for the implementation of domestic software. At the same time, the department noted that Russian software is already being used in the field of education.