October 31, 2021

Media in WhatsApp now disappears after one view

By admin

WhatsApp has a new View On

ce feature. It allows you to send photos or videos that can only be viewed once, after which they will disappear.

The function, according to t

he company, can be useful, for example, for those who send photos while trying on a particular thing in a store, or for those who want to share passwords written down on paper, writes TechCrunch.

In order to use the function, you need to click on the image of the unit to the left of the send key. After the addressee opens and views the photo or video file, it will be deleted automatically.

The new development is another step towards giving users even more control over privacy in chats, WhatsApp notes.

However, the company warned that even though the photos and videos will disappear after one viewing, it will not prevent someone from taking a screenshot, the existence of which you may not know.