November 17, 2021

Earnings on Telegram tasks

By admin

Telegram is rightfully considered the most popular messenger of our time, the number of its active users has long passed the mark of 200 million people. Few people know that the capabilities of this platform are much wider than just exchanging information and use nod32 keys.

The topic of our conversation today will be making money on Telegram tasks. Let’s talk about how to get money for completing tasks and where to start for a beginner in order to improve material well-being quickly and without investment.

Earn money in Telegram tasks with the help of bots: what is it?
The easiest way to make money in Telegram is by performing bot tasks. The tasks are simple and quite diverse – you need to view ads, subscribe to channels and read posts in them, generate cryptocurrency and so on.

The list of bots for making money is quite extensive, including cryptocurrency generators (such as BitCoinFreeBot) and bots that pay for viewing posts (TegMo, PayViewBot), for subscribing (brobotmebot, Foxzbot), etc.

It is important to note that a bot that was working yesterday may stop working today. This happens for two reasons – either the bot was abandoned by its creator, or Telegram blocked it.

It is difficult to find working bots that let you make money on simple tasks. As a rule, people look at other users’ reviews or share a link with each other, but it should be remembered that the situation in this area is constantly changing, and new bots are almost constantly replacing the old ones.

How it all happens. Earnings on Telegram tasks using a concrete example
Some newbies do not understand how to earn on a closed channel with the help of a bot, but in fact there is nothing complicated here. A simple algorithm is created, which is controlled through text commands. A simple, intuitive interface is developed for maximum convenience, so that users don’t have to memorize commands.

As a rule, customers of the service pay for the performance of very simple tasks either in Telegram itself, or on YouTube or popular social networks. Let’s try to explain everything using a simple example of a bot that earns money on likes.

Start a dialog with TegMo bot via the appropriate communication channel and follow all its instructions – specify your login and password, etc. Using the settings, connect your accounts from social networks. Select the section with the new tasks.
Bot gives work through YouTube and Vkontakte. Select, for example, “YouTube”, after clicking on the appropriate line opens the description of the first task. The user has the right to decide whether to perform the specified task or go to the next.
Each step is described in detail as much as possible, it’s almost impossible to get confused. Actions are performed one by one, and after each of them is completed, you must click “Next Action”.
In the example at hand, you need to watch a short video, subscribe to a YouTube channel, comment on the video, and then subscribe to a Telegram channel. After performing all these manipulations, there will be a message saying that the work has been successfully completed and the performer has a certain amount of tokens credited to his balance.
How much can I earn from simple tasks?
If you believe the reviews of the earnings that became the subject of our conversation, it is not possible to make a fortune in such a way, but this method is perfect as an additional source of income, because it does not require from the performers any investments, and they do not have to make any special efforts.

Earnings in Telegram on economic games
Another opportunity to make money using a popular messenger is participation in online games. Below is a list of the most popular toys that provide a real opportunity to make money.

FarmGameBo is a fun farm in which you need to buy and sell animals, make a profit, and then withdraw it on the Kiwi Wallet. In the toy mass of all kinds of tasks and contests, a huge number of quests to be passed. There are daily tasks that should be performed regularly. Withdrawal is available from 100 rubles, it arrives in the user’s wallet after they have made the appropriate order for a few minutes.
Toloka Game – another popular toy that allows you to earn in Telegram by performing tasks and participating in contests. Players collect resources, then sell them profitably, and withdraw the money in the most convenient way for themselves (Kiwi or Payeer purse).

We have described only the most affordable and popular ways to make money on Telegram tasks, in fact, there are many more options, and each person can choose the one that meets their needs.